I felt it was a very informative and enjoyable course . The format was great and I would highly recommend to others
- Dr FT, GP Middlesex Mar 2017

well presented , good cases, enthusiastic keen speakers; enjoyable
- Dr AW, GP, Wiltshire Mar 2017

Extremely good instruction and advice-simple and easy to understand
- Dr CO, GP Essex Mar 2017

V useful course with tips and techniques and interactive cases studies
- DR SK, GP London Mar 2017

Skills lab was great, enjoyed case studies
- RW, Physio, Cambridge July 2018

Excellent presentations and practical- very relevant to my practice
- DR PD, GP, Colchester, July 2018

Incorporate this course as a mandatory requirement for new GPs
- DR AM, CCG Chair, Essex July 2018

Extremely useful for joint injection and examination technique
- DR NT, GP, London, July 2018

Highly recommend to colleagues and as an appraiser will tell them all.
- DR SR, GP Kent , Nov 2016


These are genuine feedback comments from previous delegates :

"Excellent course. Am more confident in injecting joints" - Dr SH, GP Ilford

"Very useful course. Teaching well delivered. Extremely pleasant course organisers/administrators. Thank you!" - Dr EN, ST2 Wood Green

"Excellent programme, organisation and catering" - Dr AZ, GP Sutton

"V well presented, very enjoyable and informative" - GC, matron orthopaedics Preston

"Well run course targeted at correct level for participants with helpful and informative demonstrators." - Dr HL, GP Essex

"'Enjoyed the course very much'" - Dr FM, Registrar Orthopaedics, Gibralter

"'Good value'" - Dr SP, GP, London

"It was really well pitched, perfectly organised and delivered by excellent speakers- will definitely recommend" - Dr DB, GP Belfast Nov 2011

"Exceeded my expectations- fab day" - Dr RB, CT2 Plymouth Nov 2011

"V well run course, great models and explanations" - Dr DL GP London Nov 2011

"Practical session was v helpful to give confidence in starting to do injections " - Dr GJ, GP Oxford

" I cant think of any way to improve the course- enjoyed immensely " - Dr SO, GP Glasgow

" Has given me the confidence to start practicing " - Dr MK, GP Wales

" Very helpful, well organised, good handouts, good speakers " - Dr BD, GP Middlesex

" I would find it difficult to improve the course- it covered all I needed. " - CS, Specialist nurse Southampton

"Truely a hands on approach as advertised " - Dr A Ibrahim, GP Wales,

" Good organisation; very helpful staff and excellent speakers " - Dr PR, GP Grimsby

" Excellent course, very useful for medical trainees and SHOs keen on taking up Rheumatology as a career " - Dr SH, SHO Norwich,

"Useful practical sessions,excellent organisation " - CW, nurse practitioner Worcester

" I found it very useful, good organisation " - Dr AS, Consultant Paediatrician Leicester

" Extremely useful " - Dr FO Spr Rheumatology

" Feel confident in doing joint injections " - Dr SE, GP Kent

" Excellent programme and organisation " - KB, ultrasonographer, London

" very worthwhile " - Dr LM, GP Leicester

" very good course-would recommend " - Dr MM, locum consultant Dublin

" The course is precise and informative- a real confident booster " - AZ, rheumatology nurse London,

" Very well organised and enjoyable course. Now confident in starting joint injections. " - Dr JF, GP Hertfordshire.

"Good pace, good stress on anatomy and pathology, good speakers " - Dr NG, GP Swansea

" It was excellent. Well balanced and targetted at GPs " - Dr SK, GP Dublin

" Great course. Found foot injection practical particularly useful. " - DR AD GP Surrey

" V informative - would recommend to beginners and more experienced GPs " - Dr RB, GP Bedfordshire

" This will really help my patients. I work in a rural area when people have to travel to hospital so great benefit to them. " - Dr DC, GP Hertfordshire

" Course organisers clearly have a lot of hands on experience and this was helpful-lots of practical tips. " - Dr DN, GP Birmingham,

" Really informative, pitched at right level, well delivered-would definitely recommend it to others " - Dr AM, SHO Rheumatology London

" V helpful and excellent teachers-feel very confident in injecting joints. Thank you " - DR SS GP London

" Very impressed. Full and informative programme. Made to feel very welcome " - KW, Nurse specialist

" Good relevant course, hands on, good diagnostic algorithm for identifying and treating musculoskeletal problems " - Dr AB, GP Nottingham

" Was extremely well organised. Practical and will definitely help me in my career " - DR FB Rheumatology Registrar Oman

" I feel confident now- it will have a definite and very positive effect on my clinical practice " - Dr MTK, GP Hants

" Well structured and presented course, certainly feel more confident about joint injection now " - Dr DK, GP Kent Nov 2011

"Excellent programme and organisation. Thank you" - Dr KA, Rheumatologist, Iraq. Mar 2012

"Would recommend" - Dr RM, GP Sussex. Mar 2012

"Extremely useful." - Dr SE, GP Buckinghamshire. Mar 2012

"An excellent day giving lots of new skills. Very welcoming" - SG, surgical care practitioner. Gwent, Wales July 2012

"Very good didactic focus and presentation" - Dr AM, GP Gloucestershire Nov 2012

"Very helpful, will recommend to friends" - Dr AC, GP Peterborough Nov 2012

"Trainers are excellent" - Dr KK, GP Essex, Nov 2012

"A v informative and practical course very relevant to GPs" - Dr AA, GP Essex Nov 2012

"Exscellent mixture of theory and practice" - Dr AL, GP. Essex Mar 2013

"As rheumatology SpR the course was v useful and I learned a lot" - Dr SE, SpR London Mar 2013

"Increased my confidence via revision of anatomy and direct hands on practice" - Dr CS GP Nottingham Mar 2013

"V good course- just the right length and detail" - Dr MG, GP Oxford Mar 2013

"Have attended the course previously- excellent!" - Dr SH, GP Essex Mar 2013

"Have already attended the course previously- again excellent!" - Dr SH, GP Essex Mar 2013

"Very thorough but right amount of skills taught- just what I need as a GP registrar" - Dr NP, GP Derby Jun 2013

"A superb study day-excellent opportunity to get theoretical update and practical skills. I would recommend to colleagues. Lovely venue- conducive to shopping afterwards!" - GP, Nurse Consultant, Oct 2013Midlands

"Great teaching and opportunity to practice- well done to the team" - Dr KR, GP Plymouth Oct 2103

"Crystal clear presentations- I liked the use of ultrasound " - Dr DR, Consultant Acute Med, Stirling Mar 2014.

"V good hands on experience- should advertise in royal college journals" - Anon, GP Mar 2014

"V relevant to General Practice" - Dr CL, GP Surrey July 2014

"Really useful having ultrasound; also going through examination techniques was useful" - Dr GB, GP London, Feb 2015

"Very useful practical tips not only about injections but also examination" - Dr AA, GP, Essex Feb 2015

"I attended 5yrs ago and found it v useful. Today I feel the same. Big thanks to Dr Pyne and team" - Dr BT, GP, Wales June 2015

"It was wonderful. V thorough. Keep it up. No suggestions for improvement" - DR TK, SpR Newcastle. JUne 2015

"Good venue, well organised, good presentations and opportunity for practical training" - DR JS , GP , Hertfordshire June 2015

"V interactive and informative. I have much more awareness of practical skills" - Dr AK, GP, London June 2015

"Came for a 2nd time as refresher- very useful for examination techniques and injection" - Dr AA, GP, Essex Nov 2015

"Excellent! Presenters very approachable and knowledgeable. Highly recommended" - Dr PM, GP Nov 2015

"One of the most useful patient centred courses I have ever attended. " - Dr JG, GP, Essex Nov 2015

"The best course I have attended" - DRr CA, GP Warickshire, Nov 2015

"I am preparing for a sports exercise diploma and wanted to brush up injection skills- excellent teaching, tips and opportunity to practice on ultrasound" - Dr FJ, Sports physician, Essex Mar 2016

"Excellent handouts,extremely useful having skeleton and US machine" - Dr AP, GP Wiltshire, Mar 2016

"V useful, The examinations were easy to follow and can be reproducible during consultations" - Dr LS, GP London Jul 2016

"Brilliant course,Reinforced my joint examination skills. Feel confident to attempt shoulder, elbow , hip and knee injections" - Dr DA, GP Kent Jul 2016

"Very thorough description of examination and tips on diagnosis and injection were v helpful and practical" - DR MH, GP Middlesex. Jul 2016

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